Our Pastor
            Rev.SHINJI TAKEDA

I accepted the call of the Hiroshima Church, and in July 2007 I came to Hiroshima from Nagoya City, where I had spent 15 years. What I always hope and set importance on in worship services, is to offer a peaceful time for you to be relaxed, to be able to resettle yourself and to join in with our praying to God. Faith or the Bible helps us to go on living, and it is important that we should understand that God only wishes us to be lively in His love and peace, and nothing more.
I am more than fifty years old, and I expect that we will live on, supporting one another in accordance with the message and teachings from the Bible.

Rev. Takeda was born in Mie Prefecture in 1958. After completing his studies the graduate school of Tokyo Union Theological Seminary, he was ordained as a pastor at Higashi Niigata Church, United Church of Christ in Japan, in Niigata Prefecture, in 1985. In 1992 he accepted the call of the Kinjyo Church, United Church of Christ in Japan, and went to Nagoya City. Besides his ministry at Niigata Higashi Church, he worked as a teacher of the Bible Course at Keiwa Gakuen High School, and he also taught a Bible course at Kinjyo Gakuin Junior High School in Nagoya City. Moreover, in Nagoya he served on the committee for the CBC radio program “Hours for Christ,” and was in charge of the radio mission program “Stories from the Bible.”
Since July 2007 he has been pastor of the Hiroshima Church, United Church of Christ in Japan. He is also a member of the Council of Tokyo Union Theological Seminary.

For Visitors from Abroad

Attending Sunday Service
1) First of all, we do hope you will visit the ushers’ desk in the front entrance hall on the first floor and fill out a visitor’s card. The ushers will hand you “a weekly report” printed with an order of service, the day’s program and other announcements. The service order is printed with the quoted part of the Bible and the response reading from the Bible and also the numbers of the Hymns on the left page inside of the weekly report. English Bibles and hearing aids can be borrowed at the ushers’ desk. The ushers will guide you to the chapel on the second floor, going up the slope or riding the elevator.
When you are uncertain or anxious about the worship services, never hesitate to ask the ushers, please.
2) In the chapel we would like to ask you to take an unoccupied seat close to the central aisle.
3) If you are unwell or disabled, it is not necessary for you stand up during the service; you are welcome to remain seated.